Welcome Letter

TProfile shot of Kim Doman, Director of Tinkham Educational Centerhank you for your interest in Wayne-Westland’s Alternative, Adult and Community Education program. Our program has a wide variety of scheduling options that will be able to work around your schedule, including block schedules, part-time schedules (day or evening), hybrid (online) courses, and fully online courses. We are proud to provide many educational services to people of all ages. We offer programs for High School Completion, GED Preparation, Adult Basic Education courses, and English as a Second Language, to name a few. Let us help you prepare for your future in vocational training, trade school, military, or college.

The GED Test has changed, and we can provide students with a new, fresh curriculum to prepare for the GED Test, and the class is FREE! We also pay for the GED READY diagnostic test, which will analyze your results and tell you your likelihood of passing the GED test. The test costs $150 - once you pass it, we will also reimburse you the cost of that test if you are taking our prep classes. Come in and let us help you get ready to take the test!

Are you interested in a new hobby? Check out our Leisure Program for a variety of classes in computers, foreign languages, exercise, ballroom dancing, art, personal finance, swimming, and so much more.

Please let us assist you in achieving your educational and vocational goals. Feel the success that education can bring at Tinkham!


Kimberly Doman
Director of Tinkham Educational Center (TEC)